Q. Why would I want to use your service?

A. My Dominican Love was designed for men and women who wish to explore all of their options when choosing a soul mate. Due to fast changing technology we are able to bring people from different cultures and backgrounds together on our service. By viewing each photo and reading the tidbits of information in their profiles, you can decide with whom you would like to correspond and eventually meet. The women and men on our service have all expressed a desire to meet that special someone!

Q. Is your service similar toa Mail Order Bride company?

A. NO! A Mail Order Bride company implies that you are actually ordering something or someone and paying for it. We simply supply you with the tools and support necessary for you to reach your goal of finding that one special person, no matter where she/he may reside in the Dominican Republic. Our service is based on a mutual interest and on respect.  Both parties must be attracted and interested in starting a meaningful relationship. We strive to bring people together who really want to form a loving, caring and lasting relationship. Love is a thing of chance, luck and chemistry.  There are no guarantees.  But above all, what you put into it, you will get out of it.  So strive to make the first impression your best and a lasting impression whether it be by sending flowers, a phone call or meeting him/her in person.

Q. Are the women on your service really interested in me or just coming to America?

A. There are a variety of reasons as to why the women and men alike choose to join our service. It has been our experience that the primary objective is to find a loyal, dependable, stable mate with whom they can build a happy and loving family. These men and women are now searching outside of their country because they have not yet been able to find that one special person here. In the Dominican Republic for instance, there is a serious shortage of responsible men.  Many are unemployed and if they do have a job, they often spend their money on gambling and drinking.  This is not to say all men here are like that, but the majority of the men and women on our site have complained of this.  The economic environment causes many men to shun the responsibilities of a wife and family which brings the women.  The men feel that a good women can only progress by so far in a country with poor economic standards and therefore, they arrive as well, looking for something above the norm.  A family is very important to the vast majority of our clients here, thus they are forced to expand their search for their mate. The Internet has opened up a whole new world of opportunities to these men and women that their parents never enjoyed. They are no longer confined to their own cities and towns when searching for a mate. They can now search the world over for the right person.

Q. Are the women only looking for rich men?

A. Due to the culture and the harsh realities of everyday life, the expectations and wants of most foreign women are extremely practical and realistic. They view strong family and traditional values as being important factors when choosing a life mate. Of course, like women everywhere, they want to fall in love. The facts in reference to marriage are that women seek mature, older, healthy, intelligent, successful, stable men with the ability to protect and provide for the family, and in all circumstances, each of us seek a comfortable and happy home life. But think about it for a minute.  Men strive to obtain a certain status in life but why? The answer is to become more appealing to women.  Who wants someone that no one else wants?

Q. How easy is it to bring a woman to the US on a fiancée visa & why do I have to go to her country prior to inviting her?

A. A citizen of the United States has the right to file for a fiancée visa. The main qualification in applying for a fiancée visa is that the couple must have met in person, and photo evidence is required. Generally speaking, that meeting will take place outside the US. In 99% of the cases, US Immigrations does not grant tourist visas to beautiful young foreign women from 2nd- and 3rd-world countries that may desire to immigrate to the US because they may not leave the US once they enter on a tourist visa. The INS takes a dim view of a tourist visa holder who decides to marry while in the US. A U.S. citizen may, however, petition for a visa for his alien fiancée to allow her admission to the United States for a period of ninety days in order for them to prepare for their marriage and life together. At the end of three months, the two of you must marry or she must return to her country. If you marry within the 90 days, she may remain in the country as your wife and she does not need to return to her country. You will need to file for Adjustment of Status immediately after you are married. Your new wife will not be able to leave the US until you file for Advance Parole or travel permission from the INS. Thus, while citizenship and relocation are factors, there are many other more important factors for these women to consider. What they really want is someone in whom they can trust, on whom they can depend, and with whom they can have a close relationship.  They certainly do not want to leave their friends and family and move to a strange new place just to discover they do not love the person they are committed to!!!

Q. Is there a charge for the women who participate on your service?

A. No. The service is free of charge for the women. By not charging them to be represented by our service we are able to bring you a greater number of more diverse people from which to choose.

Q.What kind of a response will I receive?

A. That really depends on you. It is important that you read the profile information about the women you intend to correspond with. You should only respond to those whom you feel you will be compatible with. By following these guidelines you should receive a very favorable response.

Q. How important are looks?

A. Studies have shown that, on a short term basis, the more attractive singles have sex more often. However the facts are, in reference to marriage, men seek youth and beauty while women seek mature, older, healthy, intelligent, successful, stable men with the ability to protect and provide for the family.
While outward appearance plays a role in any relationship, there are other factors which are much more important. We find that trust and stability are two of the most important factors, especially for the women on our service. If a relationship does develop and the woman moves to the man’s country, she will want someone she can depend on. This is a major life move for her and at least at first, there will be no one in this country other than you that she can turn to for support and comfort. Therefore, while looks may play a minor role, stability, trust, and a warm relationship are much more important factors.

Q. Is age an important factor?

A. Studies show men and women seek different goals in marital partners. Men seek youth and beauty. Women seek mature, older, healthy, intelligent, successful, stable men who will love and respect them, with the ability to protect and provide for the family. It is a fact of life. They have not yet been media programmed with a youth-oriented outlook on life. Many Dominican Men lack a certain maturity towards family and relationships. Most Dominican women are extremely mature for their years.
For many women an older person represents stability, security and wisdom. In many cultures it is not uncommon to see major age differences between spouses. Remember, you are not dealing with an American point of view any longer.

Q. Should I send money to the women I correspond with to help with their expenses?

A. If you have not met in person, DO NOT under any circumstances send money and please notify us immediately if you are asked to send money.  If the woman with whom you are corresponding is really interested in you then she will certainly respond without any financial incentive.  Just understand that the response time will differ because again, you are dealing with a person from a 3rd World Country and the ability to get to an Internet Café or simply get around on transportation is different and more difficult than it is where you may be living.

Q. Who may use My Dominican Love services?

A. My Dominican Love services are available to any person from any country, although our home office is based in the Dominican Republic.  We also have an office in the city of Philadelphia, PA.  We have employees all over the country here and can conduct One on One Introductions,  Tours or provide services for individual travelers. Tour packages are available without airfare for clients who originate from other countries including the U.S. The women on our service welcome the chance to meet men from all countries and walks of life.

Q. How may I make payment when I order?

A. For any purchase you may wish to make, the site will lead you through the process with clear prompts until you complete the transaction. Some clients may feel more comfortable sending payments through wire service programs such as Pay Pal, MoneyGram, Western Union or Xoom.  If that is the case, you can click on Contact Us.  There you will find the company name and address to send wire payments.  Be sure that if you are sending a payment through one of these programs that you alert us FIRST.  Once the transaction is complete be sure to email us the Control Number from the wire company.  Without that information, we cannot pick up your wire.  Along with the control number, be sure to include your complete name and FULL address used to create the transaction.  We will need this information to pick up the wire.   

Q. Could you send me more information concerning your company?

A. You will find everything you need to know contained on the site of My Dominican Love. Please read the information and feel free to ask questions if you do not find the answers you need contained in the text portion of our service.


Q. Why can't i do this without an agency?

A.  No matter how many times you have traveled to the Dominican Republic, you are still a vacationer/traveler here.  When on vacation, most frequent tourists spots thus only seeing what the avid tourist would see. If you don't speak the language and don't know the culture this only hinders you even more.  We find most are simply afraid to admit they simply don't know. But this little fear leads to loss of money and time.  In speaking with a client one day, he made the anology of why would a person go on a Safari Tour in Africa and then walk away from the guide he paid to assist him?  Why would someone put themselves in harm's way like this?   One must remember when there that they are visiting a third world country.  There are many tourists traps and not everyone you come in contact with is trying to really help you.  The friendly taxi driver that calls himself your friend.  He is NOT your friend.  The over zealous lady you met on the street that wants you to go to her house and meet her parents....you do NOT know yet.  You shouldn't travel to anyone's house that you don't know.  And if you DO travel to their house, make suer you elt someone know where you are.  If something should happen, someone has to have a reference point to look for you. We have already ladi out the ground work.  We have already vetted who's who of the who's who so you don't have to do it.  We only recommend you to people we have used for years and anyone affiliate, staff member or associate must have the highest level of integrity, loyalty and honesty or we don't deal with them.


Q.  Why can't I meet people from different cities?

A.  You can and you can't if that makes sense.  You can, as we do have packages that include splitting cities.  If you have selected one of those packages we will transport you to the selected cities to meet members on our site.

If you have selected our basic package, we don't not offer tours to multiple sities because of the cost involved and time needed to make sure you are successful.  What do we mean by this?  Please read a few examples of previous attempts to accommodate several clients while on a basic tour.

2012 - We traveled to another city to meet a lady for a dinner date. We arrived at about 7pm. We attempt to call her to make her aware that we have arrived in the city.  We can't get through to her on her cell phone.  It's very normal that many of the  phone carriers have weak signal service from the towers.  So is her phone off? Did she decide to change her her mind and just not answer the phone? Or is it the phone carrier?  We have no way of knowing. So we stop in a nearby restuarant and continue to call.  Meanwhile, the restuarant requires that you by something to use their facility so we buy a couple of drinks. More than an hour has past.  We're now getting hungry. After all, we just traveled from another city so we order food.  Now the whole point was to meet the lady and go out to eat with her.  If she arrives right now, we're already eating.  We finish the food and continue to call, still no answer.  We advise the client that he should give up on the day and that we should head back.  But he is not convinced yet that the date is over so he requests to wait one more hour. Approaching 3 1/2 hours, we finally decide to end the day as the lady is simply not going to show so we advise the client.  He asks that we call once more.  It's at this point that we get through to the lady. When questioning her as to why he did not meet us at the agreed upon location and why she did not call to advise us of being late, she tap dances around all the questions without answering.  At this point, the client simply wants to meet her as he has waited almost 4 hours.  We advise the client that we have eaten already, we have waited around her all night, she couldn't explain why she was late and never called us and he he should factor in all these things and not just be desperate to meet her as she clearly has shown no regard for anyone's time. But...the client still wants to meet her.  We ask the lady to meet us at the agreed upon location.  She lives about 15 minutes from where we are.  She takes another hour and a half to show up.  Once she shows up, she barely spoke a word. The felt good because he finally got to meet her.  However, the entire day was wasted, money was spent for nothing and at the end of the day, the client really didn't make any head way on having a relationship with this lady. This client came back two more times on different trips to meet this woman and the same thing happened each time. Needless to say, she was removed from our site.

2013 - A client is meeting ladies in Santiago and wants to meet one lady in the capital.  We advise him not to do it but he is headstrong and wants to do things his way.  He makes good head way with the ladies from Santiago.  Then we travel to the capital.  He has a great meeting with the lady there.  On the way back to Santiago mentions he may return to the capital to see the lady again.  We advise him that it's better to continue with the ladies from Santiago because he has more options and on the next trip maybe, go visit the lady from the capital.  A day or two goes by and he show up at our house as asks can we drop off his rental car because he is checking out and heading to the capital to meet the lady again.  We handle his request and he is off.  Early eveing,the phone rings.  It's the client.  He asks did we speak to the lady from the capital.  We tell him no.  he advises us that he has been sitting (in an more expensive hotel now) around waiting ont he lady all day.  Long story short, the lady never showed up.  So, the client checked out of his hotel in Santiago, took back his rental car (we did in reality), jumped on a bus with suitcases, checked into a more expensive hotel, change his airline ticket to leave from another city (more money/penalty fees) and lost time with the ladies he DID connect with in Santiago......to sit alone.  The lady's excuse?  She didn't have any gas for her car.  We removed her from the site.

2014 - A client actually pays for a multiple city tour.  However despite him paying the proper price, we still calculate the best way to travel to try to save him money. We calculate distance and the number of people he wants to meet and give recommendations based on our experience.  After finalizing all the plans, we advise him to cut out the tour to San Pedro de Macoris but the client insists he wants to go.  this trip requires a stay over until the next morning.  We arrive and the lady shows up.  After about 30 minutes she asks the client to go meet her parents.  We recommend that he not do this as no one knows her family or the neighborhood they live in.  The client insists he wants to go, so we go.  We spend about 30 minutes meeting her family and we head back to the hotel.  The client had been chatting with this lady for years prior to meeting her and she was not a lady on our site but we did the presentation as an extra added service for our client.  As night falls, we're left to entertain the client as the lady does not suggest to get to gether later in the evening for dinner or dancing nor does she even call or text to say thanks for coming to see her.  A three hour trip, hotel costs for two for one night and about $75.00 in gas money.  In the morning, we tell the client this was one of the most expensive hello's we have ever seen.  Because that is what it was, a hello and nothing more.  Wasted time, wasted money, time taken away from meeting women close where if things don't work out, you can always move to the next lady and keep forward progress.  When you are on the road and things fall apart, a day and sometimes two days get wasted.  And for the typical traveler that is only here for 5-7 days, this can be critical.

We have a blue print for success.  We have already failed ahead of you so we know what NOT to do and what TO do.  Trust in your guide.  This is what you are paying for.  There is a saying, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".  Our blue print works, follow it and you'll be on your way to achieving what you came for.

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