Galaxy For Her

Price: $ 260

Don’t get Frustrated …..Get Connected!

Never has it been more convenient to talk to her. Each phone comes with wifi meaning if she is in a wifi area, it’s free to surf the net and send emails.  But that’s not what makes these phones or this offer great.  With the purchase of a galaxy cell phone you can sign her up for an Internet plan and get unlimited messages through whatsapp.  She can also connect to MSN, YAHOO, Google Talk, AOL, Twitter and Face Book and chat for free. 

Now she no longer has to worry about buying a phone card to send a message as long as she uses her wifi.  Tired of calling and not getting through because there is a rainstorm or she’s out of signal range?  Those problems will be washed away.

The Galaxy Cell Phone! Don’t get frustrated anymore….Get Connected!

This is not something that can be set up overnight and you should not buy these phones for a match you have never talked to or met face to face unless you want to give a special present for a birthday or such occasion.  Remember we might need a few days to set this up since both our Representative and your Dominican Love will have to go to a phone center together to arrange this.

This service pays for itself in one month.  Don\'t get frustrated, get connected NOW!


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