Three way calls 15 Minutes

Price: $ 21.95

Three Way Call - 15 minutes

Don't speak enough Spanish?  Don't know what to say?  No Problem!!  Our bi-lingual operators are here to help you with a Three Way Call!  Our skilled Representatives will be on the call with you translating and helping you get to know that someone special.


What's included in the Three Way Call?


You pay for a 15 minute call. Email us your name, telephone number and the file number of your Dominican Love.  Lastly, email is the best time for us to call for the call.  We'll call and set up the conference call, then communicate with you about the time we'll be calling.

Meanwhile, you prepare questions for the up coming call and information you'd like to share on the call about yourself.  The translator will call you several minutes before the scheduled call to check if you have any last minute questions.  Then,.....the call begins!


Ready to chat now?


*****All calls are done on Eastern Standard Time so if you are given a time when your call will be scheduled, remember all calls are done on Eastern Standard Time and you should make plans to be available during those hours.

*****All three way calls are performed during normal business and day time hours.

*****No personal information such as phone numbers, email addresses, Skype, Tango, Facebook or Whatsapp i.d.s will be permitted to be exchanged during the call.  Any violation of this rule will result in the call being terminated and no refund given for said call.



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