Grocery Items (large basket)

Price: $ 249.95

Cookies, Coffee, Beans, Corn, 2 pounds of cheese, 5 pounds of rice, 1 pound of salami, bottle of cooking oil, Crackers, Garlic, Vanilla Extract, Salzon, Jello, Jelly, Oregano, Sopita, Pudding, Coconut Milk, Fruit Mints, Malta India (beverage), 2 liter soda, loaf of Bread, 1 dozen eggs, 200 peso calling card.

Send your Dominican Love a food basket for two or more.  No more waiting in long lines at the supermarket, no more waiting for cabs in the rain, no more lugging bags up flights of stairs as we do it all for you.  Send a letter (2,000 characters max) and we will prepare a picture and video presentation for you of the delivery.


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