We strive to be an IMBRA compliant web site.  The safety and welfare of both our clients and the Dominicans we represent is of utmost importance to the staff at My Dominican Love.

What is IMBRA?

IMBRA is the acronym for the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005.  IMBRA applies only to US citizens and legal residents who desire to be a visa sponsor for marriage (fiancee or K1 visa).  The first goal is to provide a visa recipient with information about the visa sponsor to allow the visa recipient to make an informed decision.  The second goal is to inform the visa recipient of their rights once they come to the United States.


The IMBRA law is in response to the abuse and killing of 2 women who came to the United States on a fiancee (K1) visa.

Additional Information

While the IMBRA law was passed in 2005, all aspects of the law have not been fully implemented.  This creates confusion in the world of introduction and dating web sites.  We have decided to be proactive in our approach because the safety and welfare of both our clients and the Dominicans we represent is of utmost importance to the staff at My Dominican Love.

How we follow the intent of IMBRA

We provide a pamphlet to the Dominicans we represent explaining IMBRA (essentially identical to the explanation above).  The pamphlet lets them know they have a right to see a sponsor's background information before accepting their visa sponsorship.

We background check our US citizen members at the time they sign up using the national and their state's “Megan's Law” web site.

Those with “Megan's Law” issues can use the web site to view profiles, view pictures, send gifts, send notes, etc but we will not sell contact information or trips (Romance Tours, One on One, Events).

If you wish to meet a Dominican we represent, when we contact them, we remind them of their right to be informed about your criminal background before any meeting can occur.  They may or may not agree to a meeting without you providing that information prior to the meeting.  We will not in any way coerce them to change a declination to meet.

If you wish to meet a person who stipulates seeing your criminal background or you have met a person we represent, developed a relationship and you have decided to use a fiancee (K1) visa to come to the United States to get married, we will translate your criminal background record to Spanish and review it with the prospective person for $75.

 Some “Real Talk” on International Dating, IMBRA and Fiancee (K1) Visas

International dating is exciting, challenging and expensive.  Your cost to maintain an international relationship will run in the thousands, if not tens of thousands, of dollars.  Consider the costs of airfare, hotel, food, gifts, phone calls etc.

An FBI criminal background check costs $18 and includes arrest records, charges and any resulting outcome of those arrests.  If you have no arrests, it will indicate that also.  The background check is easy to obtain by going to the FBI website here:

Keep in mind that any person with significant arrests and/or convictions for violent acts or felonies would probably have their fiancee (K1) visa denied by Immigration and Naturalization Services.

Considering the total cost of having an international relationship, getting the background check and our translation service is a minimal expense and you should figure that into your cost of doing business in an international relationship.  Having the background check ready to provide will ensure that you are compliant with the IMBRA law when you are ready to make Your Dominican Love your permanent love.

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