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New Free Agents Listing

So, I know you're wondering what is a Free Agent Listing?  Great question.  A Free Agent listing is a new option we are offering for our clients.  Often times, there are ladies that live in really remote areas which almost make it too costly to stop by the office and sign up like the rest of the My Dominican Love Ladies.  Since we try to help everyone we come in contact with we got creative with helping these ladies that live in far away areas.  Many sites allow ladies to sign up and upload their own pictures.  When that happens, you lose control of your site.  You as the Owner hasn't a clue as to who is really behind the pictures that are being loaded.  So we invented a way to bridge the gap. 


Introducting our NEW Free Agent Listing.  A lady lives in a far away city.  She communicates with us that she would like to be apart of our program.  We verify her by requesting the same information as the local Electric, Cable and Telephone companies.  Once she is verified, the call goes out to her and she is interviewed over the phone.  We request about 20 pictures from her.  This way we approve what will be seen and what we consider to be inappropriate.  We have her send us a voice recorded message which is saved to her file giving us permission to do promotions and use her photos for the site and we upload her pictures.  A Free Agent is simply a lady who has not passede through the office like one of the normal ladies but she has been verified just like we verify the rest of the ladies on the site.  Now here's the best part.  Remember when we mentioned most of these ladies may live in far off places?  Well they may be far off to us but you, the customer just may be flying into a city that is close to where she lives.  You can do three way calls to her to get acquianted by phone, send gifts as we WILL have delivery service available to her.

If a Free Agent is living in one of the cities you come to do a tour in, you can add a Free Agent onto your list of ladies to meet.  Now with the Free Agent Listing, we're sure to have someone that peaks the interest of just about everyone and that's the goal. The Free Agents will be listed with the Profile Number starting at 12000.  Go to the main page today and see if you see any Free Agents you may want to get to know better.




Ready to go it on your own?  We can make that happen.  Reach out directly to your favorite MyDominicanLove lady by purchasing her direct contact information.  This allows you to get to know her on a one on one basis.  We also give you the special bonus of 2 free letter translations to get the conversation started.

What’s included with your purchase?
•    The phone number, and if available, the email address of the selected lady.
•    Two letter translations.
•    If the contact information proves to be incorrect, we will research the information in an attempt to provide the correct information or you may pick another lady.

Contact Information Costs:        Members:  $90.00
                        Non-members:  $105.00





Email us at:  You may also send samples of your work.  Someone will be in touch with you within 24 hours.  Don't let your musical talent go to waste.  Surround yourself with people who have your same vision, passion and love for music. Check our music out on the VIDEO tab button on the main page of the site and let us know what you think about a number of our beats already posted. You can also go to the links listed below and see more music 

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Coming to town and need a vehicle to rent?  Tired of the sky high airport prices?  Let us handle it for you. Mid sized vehicles and SUV Jeeps.  Minimal 3 day rental required; vehicle delivered right to your hotel room.  Call for more details and rates. Rentals available in Santo Domingo and Puerto Plata as well.


Or do you need us to make your hotal reservations? Receive more than a $20 discount per day at the official hotel and choice of My Dominican Love, Hotel Century Plaza.  You can click on the link below to see the official site.  Remember to allow us to make your reservations to receive your discount.  Walk in's will not receive the My Dominican Love discount.  We also have affiliate hotels in cities such as Bonao, Santo Domingo, La Vega and Puerto Plata.  For more information on those hotels, contact us directly.


Looking to rent long term in Santiago?  Or are you taking the plunge and looking to buy an apartment or house?  Let us provide our local Real Estate Expert to assist you.  Confidence is everything when doing business for the first time with someone.  Rent or buy with confidence knowing we put our reputation on the line in passing our referral to you.  Know that we don't ask for commissions, thus passing the savings back to the client.  Your happiness makes us happy!  We're not in the Real Estate business which is why we simply pass you to our resident expert.  We're in the PEOPLE business and bringing those people together.





English classes being offered for all My Dominican Love Ladies

If you have met YOUR Dominican Love, what a great way to bridge the language barrier other than sending her a personal Tudor.  Special individualized attention to ensure learning at a faster pace.

Call us for more details.


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