Product Pricing
  • Below you will find the pricing for the services that the site provides.
  • Check back as we add and expand our services.
  • All prices are quoted in US dollars.
Item Member's Price Non-Member's Price
1 Dozen Roses $64.95 $75.95
2 Dozen Roses $95.95 $114.95
3 Way Calls
Item Member's Price Non-Member's Price
15 Minute Call $18.95 $21.95
30 Minute Call $34.95 $41.95
Subscriptions - Platinum
5 Day Trial - renewed at 30 day rate $8.95  
1 Month Subscription $18.95  
3 Month Subscription $36.95  
6 Month Subscription $64.95  
Yearly Subscription $119.95  
note***Platinum Memberships subscriptions are automatically renewed at the end of the subscription period.

Subscriptions - VIP
3 Month Membership  (VIP) $74.95  
6 Month Membership (VIP) $139.95  
Yearly Subscription (VIP) $239.95  
note***Diamond Memberships give you full access to all photos including VIP ladies and are automatically renewed at the end of the subscription period. With a Diamond Membership you also receive (3) Free Three Way Calls to the lady of your choice, a free Day Pass for two to Kascada Water Park in Santiago and a Free dinner for two at one of our Preferred Network Restaurants. All food must be ordered from the My Dominican Love Menu..

Item – Cake Delivery Member's Price Non-Member's Price
Rounded Smaller Cake – 2 pounds $65.00 $80.00
Square Larger Cake – 3 pounds $75.00 $90.00
Item – Letter Translation Delivery (Guaranteed) Member's Price Non-Member's Price
Translation and Delivery (her response is FREE) $10.95 each $15.95 each
Item – Random gifts Member's Price Non-Member's Price
Teddy Bear w/letter delivery $74.95 $79.95
Chocolates w/letter delivery $64.95 $69.95
Valentine's Chocolates, Balloons and Teddy $119.00 $129.00
Groceries (Gift Basket of Food) - Small $179.95 $199.95
Groceries (Gift Basket of Food) - Large $229.95 $249.95
Item – Cell Phones Member's Price Non-Member's Price
Blackberry Curve $185.00 $235.00
Blackberry Bold $210.00 $260.00 
note***Allow several days to coordinate with the gift receiver and to set up service. No phones are purchased with plans that require an ongoing payment.

Item – Photo Session Member's Price Non-Member's Price
200 Photos and 10 minute video of her daily routine $250.00 $300.00
note***We do not take nude photos of any of our ladies.

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