Search for your Dominican Love

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One on One Mini Tour

Price: $ 125

Take the Leap of Faith! Join us on a One on One Mini Personal Introduction Tour! Meet up to three (3) ladies. A translator will be on hand with you throughout your Introductions to assist if you do not speak Spanish. You can’t place a value on their helpful insight because our representatives know these ladies best. You may break the ice with someone over the phone or chat via email. But the most meaningful, lasting impression is made in person. Come down and show them you are serious about meeting your soul mate. It’s not just about whether you can speak Spanish. It’s about us knowing a great deal about the person you are meeting. A low budget translator guy on the corner won’t have the background we have. You need someone looking out for YOU! That’s what we do. Simply select the ladies you wish to meet and advise us of when you plan on visiting the country and let us handle the rest. We’ll handle setting up your hotel arrangements saving you at least $20.00 US per day.  Keep in mind that in order to meet a VIP girl you must have a current VIP membership.

 What’s Included in the One on One Mini Personal Introduction Tour:

 Simply select the three (3) ladies you wish to meet and advise us of when you plan on visiting the country. We will contact all the ladies ahead of time. A translator is included for all of your Introductions. He or she will organize your introductions, provide feedback and assist in any way so you can focus on getting to know the ladies you have selected to meet.

Personal Cab Driver - He will be waiting for you at the airport and will take you to your hotel.  If this is your first time in the country or you do not speak Spanish, now there is no need to worry.  Your driver has your itinerary and knows where to take you. He will be in constant communication with us in the office. DO NOT LEAVE THE AIRPORT WITH SOMEONE YOU DO NOT KNOW.

Our personal guarantee that you will meet three (3) ladies during your tour!

The One on One Mini Personal Introduction Tour is offered in Santo Domingo, Santiago, Moca, Le Vega and Puerto Plata. Contact us before making airfare arrangements so we can help you with your trip.

Ready to meet your Dominican Love? A One on One Mini Personal Introduction Tour for only $250.00 can make it happen.  Book your trip now! 

Leave a 50% deposit today!  Your balance is due and payable upon arrival prior to the start of your Tour.  All payments on the island are to be paid in US dollars. Once your itinerary of meetings has been sent back to you from the agency, no changes will be permitted to your list.

****Tours are restricted to ONE city. If you do not understand what this means, call or email us before making arrangements for your trip and confirm your trip AHEAD of purchasing your ticket.


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